N is for News

February 11, 2014

Last Wednesday I had a check up with the plastic surgeon, and also the surgeon that did my mastectomy. At the plastic surgeons office, Dr. Hollins, I was disappointed to find out that I was once again stuck with three out of six drain tubes, because they are still draining too much fluid. I was also told at the time that the alternative to the drain tubes is a needle to the chest to remove the fluid, so I decided the drains, no matter how painful, are necessary. The other doctor, Dr. Edney, had some decent news though. We had originally thought that my cancer was stage 3 due to the lymph node involvement. They got all of my pathology back, and out of thirteen lymph nodes, only the three that were removed at surgery were cancerous, which knocked me down to stage 2. I will still have to undergo chemotherapy, but there will be no radiation, which is a relief. I meet with my oncologist on February 21st and will know more about my chemo regimen and when it will start after that appointment. The focus right now is to get these drains out, so my body can heal before we knock it down again with chemo.

As for me, I am holding up pretty good. I went back to work, drain tubes and all, last Friday. The boys have been really helpful at home, but I know Callen is ready to have his snuggly mommy back! I really had no idea going into this that I would be stuck with these things so long…. I was thinking a week, not THREE!! I think the thing that stinks the most about it, aside from the pain, is the fact that I can’t shower while I still have them! This whole washing my hair in the sink thing isn’t working out so well for me…. it’s difficult to get it completely rinsed! Luckily I have a hairdresser in the family who has been giving it a “proper” wash once a week…. I go back to see my Dr. Hollin’s on the 17th, and am really hoping they will be done draining by then.